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We challenge fossil approaches

We challenge fossil operations in the field of transportation by developing and manufacturing battery systems for electric vehicles.


Battery systems are the most significant growth area for Valmet Automotive. The Salo battery plant started operations in 2019 at premises previously used by Nokia. A new battery plant was established in Uusikaupunki in 2021 and it is expanding operations in 2023. Our third battery plant is recruiting personnel in Kirchardt and starting production in 2023. We offer car manufacturers a full offering of services related to battery projects: concepting, development, prototypes, testing and manufacturing.

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Designing, testing and assembling battery systems is challenging but rewarding work in a rapidly developing industry. We need more colleagues in practically all of our operations. Join us in shaping transportation today and tomorrow.


The battery plant quality team ensures that the battery modules and packs we manufacture meet our customers’ specifications. We inspect both the received materials and the products shipped from the plant. Tests are conducted in the quality laboratory and on the production lines. We comply with and develop our quality system.


The production lines of our battery plants produce battery packs for hybrid and electric vehicles as well as commercial vehicles as serial production. We have a separate line dedicated to prototypes and small batches. Battery building operators work in teams. Their main task is to monitor the production process and intervene in possible disturbances or shortcomings in the production line.


The simulation departments in Uusikaupunki and Turku are tasked with supporting the design and testing teams in Finland and Germany by conducting simulations regarding the characteristics and performance of various battery applications. We use widely recognised simulation software, such as Altair HyperMesh, Altair OptiStruct, RADIOSS, ANSYS/Fluent and MATLAB/Simulink.


Our QHSE department operates in Finland and Germany. We are responsible for creating guidelines related to quality, occupational health, the environment and sustainable development for our various business lines. Our operations are connected to every part of the company. High-quality standardised operations are the key to our success.


The tasks of our logistics department include managing supply chains, internal logistics, material design, inventory, stock management, production scheduling, change management as well as dispatching and customs services. The department’s operations and developing them is of the greatest importance in ensuring efficient production and timely deliveries to our customers.


Our laboratory ensures that our battery products meet the related quality standards by conducting tests. We use a variety of different microscope and measuring technologies to assess materials. Important areas of application include measuring the hygiene level of premises, weld joint metallurgy and electric measurements of batteries. We are also capable of conducting advanced 3D measurements.

Supplier quality

Our supplier quality team, with operations in Finland and Germany, is responsible for the quality of components provided to all of our production lines. We search for, audit and approve or reject supplier companies in accordance with standards. We inspect the quality of batches of components the plants receive and process quality deviations with our suppliers.

Procurement (Direct)

The development and production of battery systems requires managing a very large supplier portfolio. The components we need include various aluminium, plastic, heating and electronic components. We also procure the battery cells that our production requires. We operate in Finland and Germany.

Technology development

An electric vehicle’s energy storage and transmission systems are complex and combine several technologies. The goals guiding the development are, for example, the smooth operation of the systems in all conditions, mechanical durability, electrical safety and a long service life. It is the technology development unit’s responsibility to develop a solution to the challenge defined by the customer. We closely follow the development of technologies in the field and create new ways to take advantage of them.

Systems engineering

Our area of responsibility is to support the implementation of battery systems. We ensure that the characteristics of the battery system to be developed meet the set requirements in terms of performance and functionality, for example. We also influence the shape of the final battery product. The most important value guiding our operations is product safety.

Battery mechanics

The battery mechanics unit is responsible for the physical structure and shape of the battery. Our tasks are divided into the design of the battery packs, battery modules, cooling and electromechanics. In addition, our responsibilities include taking care of the mechanical compatibility and manufacturability of the battery. We select the right connection technologies and materials to achieve the set goals in terms of quality, cost and schedule.

Electrical engineering

We are responsible for the flow of electricity to and from the battery. We make sure that the battery can protect itself. Communicating battery status to both the vehicle and the driver is also our responsibility. Our field of activities includes architectural design of embedded systems used to control various electrical and electromechanical devices, as well as model-based software development for various types of electrical transmission components, systems, and energy storage devices in control systems. Our tools include software, electronics, sensors, wiring and other electrical accessories.

Battery testing

Valmet Automotive has three battery testing centres. Bad Friedrichshall is our main test centre for automotive-related projects, Weihenbronn is an important technology centre and Uusikaupunki centre serves our Nordic customers as well as industrial applications. Battery testing evaluates the service life of battery cells, modules and packs under a variety of conditions, determines battery safety in many situations, and verifies battery performance.

A total of five locations in Finland and Germany

We manufacture battery packs for hybrid and electric vehicles as well as for various commercial vehicles at our battery plants located in Salo and Uusikaupunki. In addition, we design, develop and test battery systems in Uusikaupunki, Bad Friedrichshall and Munich. We will open our third battery plant in Kirchardt, Germany in the first half of 2022.

Challenge fossil approaches

Come and discover new dimensions in your workday. We are looking for test and design engineers, project managers and engineers, quality and logistics specialists, product developers as well as the key personnel to our plants. And many more.